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The Boss' Reward

I love seeing all of the pieces come together. In thinking about all of the aspects of an event, with weddings in particular, it is like a puzzle. All of your pieces are present, you know all pieces MUST come together - creating a beautiful masterpiece! But as the Planner, it is my responsibility to carefully select and organize the pieces in order to create the flawless vision. The viewers (i.e., guests) have no knowledge of any mishaps - broken centerpieces, cracked glasses, extraordinary wind conditions, or that it took an unexpected forty-five minutes to realign 120 ceremony chairs!

It is the joy of the slight detective work that it takes to get things done, or making the best executive decision as The Boss!

Seeing all the pieces fit perfectly, seeing the smiling faces and admiration of the decor - totally rewarding! And at the end of the night, when the Bride and her mom share the warmest embrace with you, stating that everything was perfect - THAT makes all the bumps in the road leading up to the debut worth doing what I love!

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