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Introducing Sapphire Elegance Events

Hello lovelies! Here we are, introducing ourselves to the world! It's such an exciting time, but also very nervousing as we are formally launching the business, Sapphire Elegance Events!

I am the owner and designer of Sapphire Elegance Events, and have been planning and designing events for quite a few years. After completing my coursework and formal training from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor or Science in Event Management, I continued to work in events and hospitality--constantly toying with the idea of launching my own event planning company. I strayed away from the idea after my daughter was born, and my husband and I focused on building our catering business, Smokey Jay's BBQ. While that began generating more business, I revisited the idea of starting my own company. I was completely lost and discouraged, but encouraged at the same time... It was such a huge step; a step I was looking forward to taking, not knowing where it would lead, or even how to truly get started.

On a whim, I decided to design my logo (I had absolutely no idea what I was doing!), but I spent hours, days, and weeks on Adobe Creative Cloud watching tutorials over and over... I finally created what I was envisioning! Months later, I started working on the website, which is a constant work in progress! Then last month, I registered the business! I was completely confident and lost all at the same time... Is that possible?!

After a few days, I received confirmation that everything was good to go... I was a legal business! YAY! Now what? LOL! Then I started the work on the business plan... OMG, that's a beast! It's taken weeks to get to a stopping point... Now, it's time to get business cards and start networking. I'm super excited about building the business, but it's also intimidating for me considering all of the other wedding and event planners in my area.

So, now that I'm sharing this process with you, I'm starting to feel recharged and confident again. It's important to remember that we and they all started from somewhere! It's also important to know that I am good at what I do, and to be confident in my skills and my passion!

I'm down to earth, professional, and have an amazing eye for detail! I can't wait to continue sharing my journey with you, along with awesome trends for special events!

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